Joanne Coysh

Joanne Coysh - Photo credit  George Dent
I found Joanne to be an excellent facilitator and communicator. Her commitment to making research and M&E people centred and practical is something I will always remember
— Sudpita Badapanda, Head of Programmes, HelpAge International

Described as resilient and persevering, I find new ways to work for collective change and help NGOs, alliances and coalitions to think of strategic pathways and entry points to effect change in policy and practice. I have over 15 years experience of designing and facilitating collaborative and long-term learning processes with global non-profits (United Nations, Oxfam, VSO), local civil society organisations, universities, lawyers and human rights activists, indigenous and vulnerable groups. I work at all levels, including coaching and advising senior leaders, mentoring function teams and interviewing community groups. A strong social justice advocate, I have lived and worked in many countries, including post-conflict and developing contexts, including Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Indonesia and Kenya. This means I have real understanding of the struggles that people face and the importance of creating space for people to work together for change.

I also work as a researcher and teacher at the Institute of Education (UCL, London).

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