Courses, Processes & Workshops

research - design - facilitation - accompaniment


International Criminal Justice and Social Transition (2003-7)
Human Rights Research & Practice (2004-6)
Justice Education in the Community (2005-7)
International Internships (2004-7)
Gender Analysis and Development Practice (2016)

Human Rights Field Activities
Student field visits to the UN Human Rights Council Sessions, Geneva   (2004, 2005, 2007)
Visit to arrange internships to ACHPR Session, Dakar, Senegal (2004)
Research visit to four regional Law Clinics in South Africa (2005)
Postgraduate Student field visit: World Coalition against the Death Penalty, Paris (2006)

Two-day workshop: 'Legal Pedagogy', Mekelle University, Ethiopia (2013)
Two week residential for Ethiopian PhD students (2013)
Undergraduate Seminar: 'Food Security and Climate Justice', University of Warwick (2013)
Research Seminar: 'Do Rights Matter for Gender Justice?' University of Warwick (2013) 


An Action Learning Process for the People First Programme Architecture Project, VSO (2014-15)
Working as a member of the Strategy and Programme Effectiveness team to design and implement an organisation-wide process to create space to discuss and support necessary for quality, evidence-based programmes. The development of collaborative learning spaces and on-going action learning to embed reflection and critical inquiry into organisational practice and culture. Encouraging alternative ways of engaging with primary actors and a more inclusive people-centred approach to programme planning and design.

The Ethiopia Postgraduate Legal Education Project, University of Warwick (2012-2013)
Coordinating and managing the postgraduate programmes in Ethiopia, including a joint LLM programme for 19 Ethiopian students and overseeing the support and supervision of 16 Ethiopian PhD students.

A Participatory Learning Trajectory for Improving Our Rights-Based Approach, Oxfam Novib (2008-2010)
The design and facilitation of a 3-year learning trajectory to improve our rights-based approach performance for 16 partner organisations around the world. The exchange and sharing of ideas through an online portal and in-person annual meetings.


What is Birmingham doing towards the elimination of violence against women and girls? (Birmingham, 2016)
How can we enable and support learning for social transformation? (London, 2016)

Global KIck-Off Meeting for the PFPA, VSO, South Africa (May 2014)
Regional Action Learning Meeting for the PFPA for Horn and East Africa, Kenya (July 2014)
Regional Action Learning Meeting for West Africa and Southern Africa, South Africa (September 2014)

Oxfam Novib
Three-day workshop on ‘Integrating legal strategies into a rights-based approach’, Oxfam Novib, The Netherlands (2010)
Two-day workshop on ‘Closed Societies’, Oxfam Novib, The Netherlands (2009)
One week multi-country workshop on ‘Improving our rights-based approach’, Oxfam Novib, Indonesia (2009)
One week multi-country workshop on ‘Improving our rights-based approach’, Oxfam Novib, Ghana (2008)

A one week expert workshop on 'Human Rights Learning for Social & Economic Transformation', Graz, Austria (2007)



Coysh J (2017) Human Rights Education and the Politics of Knowledge, Routledge Research in Human Rights Law series


Coysh J (2014) ‘The Dominant Discourse of Human Rights Education: A Critique’, Journal of Human Rights in Practice. 2014, 6 (1), 89–114
Coysh J (2011) ‘Preserving Power and Perpetuating Powerlessness: Some Observations on the Contradictory Nature of Human Rights Education in Community Settings in Tanzania.’ Journal of Human Rights Education, 2/2011