About Joanne ...

I am Joanne Coysh and for the last 20 years I have designed, facilitated and accompanied participatory and collaborative processes for research, learning and change with international NGOs, the UN, universities and community groups, with senior leadership and volunteers. Passionate and committed to enabling people to have a voice and choice, I have a rich background of working with diverse groups across different sectors, countries and cultures having lived overseas in South Africa, East Timor and Tanzania. I have a PhD in community based learning process and human rights, and a researcher and writer.

As well as a consultant, I work part time as a Teaching Fellow and researcher with the Institute of Education (UCL, London) and a Research Associate with the Centre for Critical Studies in Higher education (NMU, South Africa).

What I Offer: 

I use my knowledge and experience to design and facilitate learning processes that are appropriate for each organisation, group and context. These build on both theoretical and practical understanding of how learning works in different contexts and how to embed learning into practice. This means I often work through a combination of research, design, coaching and facilitation. Each process and person is unique and I will work with you to find the process and approach to achieve the results needed. 

My work includes designing, coaching and facilitating:

- collaborative workshops bringing together a range of stakeholders and partners

- participatory and collaborative organisational reviews, strategic planning and change processes

- collaborative action learning processes

- group and team development

If you would like to find out more about how I could work with your organisation, I would love to talk to you. Please CONTACT ME for an initial conversation.

Bringing people together across teams, organisations, sectors, countries and cultures to collaborate and interact.

Employing participatory research and learning methods, facilitating dialogue, surfacing assumptions and asking powerful questions.

Accompanying and coaching individuals and organisations through the process. 

Joanne has bought her hands-on knowledge, experience and integrity to this project. She is inclusive and open in her working style, and not afraid to ask difficult questions or be challenged herself. Joanne has managed to help to bring people together from all across the organisation and different functions to help us coordinate and link together more effectively, but also help us develop a joint vision and framework for putting quality programing at the heart of everything we do
— Tanya Rahman, People First Programme Architecture, VSO International

Download the report of the #CoLab on the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls