At Spaces of Change we design creative, participatory and thought-provoking spaces, processes and conversations that enable and empower people and groups to think differently, see situations in a new light and find ways of moving forwards on issues and questions that matter.

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We work together with individuals, groups and organisations in participatory, creative and dynamic interactions and dialogue, which can help them to tackle complex problems, overcome differences and make sense of situations. We design, host, facilitate and accompany these processes to ensure that change is supported and sustainable. We also host community conversations around questions that matter, bringing people together to connect, collaborate and create new pathways of action and change around important social challenges.

How we work?

Bringing people together across group, organisations, sectors, countries and cultures to collaborate and interact.

Using participatory methods, creativity, facilitating dialogue, surfacing assumptions and asking powerful questions.

Accompanying and coaching people and groups through the process. 

Joanne has bought her hands-on knowledge, experience and integrity to this project. She is inclusive and open in her working style, and not afraid to ask difficult questions or be challenged herself. Joanne has managed to help to bring people together from all across the organisation and different functions to help us coordinate and link together more effectively, but also help us develop a joint vision and framework for putting quality programing at the heart of everything we do
— Tanya Rahman, People First Programme Architecture, VSO International