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Learning Circles

I facilitate group coaching processes using Learning Circles. Learning Circles are a structured and facilitated approach to enable small groups to address complicated issues by meeting regularly and working collectively. They are based on the principles of action learning, which is a powerful approach for working on difficult problems in professional practice and helps set standards for good practice in organizational learning.


How learning circles can help?

The process of action learning, which the Learning Circle is based, is evidenced as a powerful approach to helping people and groups make sense of situations and solve complex problems. Learning Circles can be particularly helpful for people who often find themselves working on their own or in environments where they are faced with difficult decisions or challenges that need unpacking in order to find ways of moving forwards.

Learning Circles contribute to both individual and organisational learning and improvements in practice. Some of the key benefits to participants include:

  • offering an opportunity for personal and professional development;

  • improving problem solving and important soft skills (reflection, active listening, dialogue, empathy, critical inquiry);

  • enabling participants to tackle complex problems and explore alternative solutions; and, 

  • learning from others who might be facing similar challenges from other organizations facing similar challenges.

Individual Coaching


Book a Coaching Session or Learning Circle

I conduct coaching sessions face to face across Warwickshire and surrounding areas, but also offer sessions through Skype. If you are interested in an booking an individual coaching session, I offer an initial 45 minute consultation and thereafter appointments are for 75 minutes.

Please get in touch to find out about the cost as special offers are available for blocks of sessions.

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